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Station 3
We're about helping. Our areas of responsibity include structural firefighting, vehicle firefighting, wild land firefighting, storm and disaster response, Haz-Mat response, general public assistance and assisting Henderson County Rescue ( another professional volunteer organization ) and Lexington/Hendeerson County EMS ( If I ever need an ambulance, I hope it's here ). We typically respond with the latter two for MVA's.

The Story Behind This Site
I'm Mark, a.k.a. Polack, Chief of Station 3. I started this site to dedicate it to the great folks I serve with. Through their years of service and dedication; coming up through the hard times when in the beginning when there was no building and the pumper was towed to the scene; all the fund raisers; the thousands of times they put their lives on the line and never even got a "thank you" .... Station 3 members, veteran and rookie, this is for you.

Personel at Station 3
We've got about 13 personel on the roster at Station 3. Included in these are :

Mark Zurofsky, District Chief

Tim Bowman, Assistant Chief

Jefferey Cavness, Lt

Steven Camper, Lt. 

Shane Adams, Lt.

Jerry Lunsford, Exec Officer