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It was declared an " Intentional " Burn by District 3 afterward.....
As a public service, and also for training purposes, Station 3 participates in controlled burns for the public. Most of these burns are structures of some type- houses, barns, etc. Here's a barn that Station 3 lit up in April 2002. Special thanks to photographer Ralph Gorrell of Henderson County Rescue for the pics.

A grand old barn owned by a local vet.
" This will be no problem " District 3 was thinking. " Station 3 can handle it."
District 3
Caught red-handed
In the beginning
You can see a small kernel of fire in the loft.
Good interior view
No, Little Blake, you can't go in there yet.
Okay fellas, let's cool it down a little......
This is the beginning of 6,000 gallons Station 3 put on it to no use whatsoever.
How about that ? It's like it's made out of gunpowder !
That's Associate Station 3 firefighter, Jesse, on the knob.
Boeing 747's flying over were in danger.....
Station 3 firefighters Little Blake, Steven, Bruce, Heather, Jesse, Lt Jeff, Lt Ernie all did a terrific job. It was a good learning experience for us and proved that Station 3 won't back down and never ever gives up. Great job everyone !