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Our last tanker was built on a 1979 GMC beverage truck chassis.

And that old Jimmy served very well for many years.

But our new tanker....

....is a 2004 stainless steel 4Guys/Peterbilt pumper/tanker with a Hale QFLO 1250 pump and 1800 ProPoly gallon tank. A Cummins ISC 330 and Allison auto push her down the road.

She's big and bad and built for business !

To keep ahead of a growing area like Parkers Crossroads we decided to go with all we could get. That's a 2100 gallon Fold-A-Tank that drops down.

Vision of beauty.

Here she is for delivery at 4Guys in Meyersdale PA.

The fine folks at 4Guys

In order to make sure they were building the truck we wanted, we were in constant contact. We were required to go to the factory for a pre-paint inspection to make sure everything was just-so during construction.

The pump house at pre-paint


Told you she's big !

We are no longer lacking for compartment space. This tanker is built on one of the heaviest single axle chassis Peterbilt has ever constructed.


...the Pete wound up upside-down on the side of the road. It was really a blessing in disguise though; the driver wasn't seriously hurt and there were no civilians involved. The whole thing could have been much much worse. Check out the next page for the replacement.