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The Henderson County Free Fair
Henderson County is the location of one of the few free, no admission fairs in the state of Tennessee. Our fair is chaired by Mr. Otto Britt and has been for a great number of years. Mr. Britt does a terrific job and really goes out of his way to make the fair all it can be. There are exhibits, 4-H contests, entertainment, the midway and of course FOOD. Station 3 has had a food booth since 1981 when the original members had the foresight to know a good thing when they saw it. It was humble beginnings then and the venue netted the Station about  .00 for a weeks hard work.

Things are much better now.....

Station 3 invested a considerable amount of money in rebuilding the booth at our fair grounds. We now have a state-of-the-art kitchen, numerous refrigerators and freezers and a dedicated barbecue room where the best pork barbecue in the world is cooked. The pits are custom built, hold heat very well and are very easy to work with.
The fair is Station 3's only fund raiser now and we do well with it. It's a long, exhausting week with some members putting in 40 to 50 hours there after working at their jobs all day but it's well worth it. Their dedication and perserverance deserves a hearty pat on the back.

But Station 3 can't do it alone
Operating the fair booth takes more man-hours than we're capable of supplying and we would be in really bad shape if it wasn't for the great people in our community. It's not possible to mention them all here but there are a few that really stand out :
Mrs. Marie. Marie is the sweetest lady we know and our drill instuctor when we need it. Marie works tirelessly, every day, without complaint and takes it upon herself to get much of the event organized and keep it going. We truly couldn't do it without her and owe her a debt of gratitude. Thank you, Marie. We all love you.
Ms. Barbara Barbara has taken at least 3 days of her time the past few years to come and help. She's another sweet, sincere lady and a real go-getter. Thank You, Barbara.
Even Mike and Beth came all the way from California to help ! Thank you.
To everyone else that has sacrificed your time, as much as you could, thank you. You are helping us to help others, not just the coffers of Station 3. We couldn't do it without you.
And of course there's Henderson County Rescue
Rescue has a Fair building connected to ours. On this site, you'll see that Rescue and Station 3 joined forces to house an Extrication Truck at Station 3. But it doesn't stop there. During recent years the relationship between the two agencies has grown and been strengthened by working side-by-side at the Fair as well as emergency scenes. We share supplies, help each other and keep each other going through the week. The best part is that neither agency keeps tabs on who owes what. This is a terrific relationship that many others are envious of. It takes good people and reciprocation and we're all very proud to be able to do this.
Businesses that help more than we can say
There are local businesses that donate a great deal of products and services to us during the fair. They all shrug it off and humbly say " You're welcome " but we want them to know that they really are appreciated. We patronize them as much as we can and we certainly encourage......no, we reccomend that you do.
Griggs Big Star
Great food, fair prices and service that's second to none. What more could you ask for in a grocery store ? Harold and Jeff are business owners that set the standard in customer service as well as being leading humanitarians. They make sure we have the supplies we need, check on the booth at least 3 times a day and if we run out of something, it'll be there five minutes after we call them. They make very little, if anything, from the food they supply us and that makes their service that much better. One night this year when we were very short handed, they even supplied an employee to help us ! He was a very ambitious, respectful young man and we quickly nicknamed him "Little Brother"But you don't have to be a non-profit organization to get that kind of service from them; they just love helping and being there for people. Support Big Star on East Church Street in Lexington for all your grocery needs.
Cotton Patch restaurant
For years the Cotton Patch has donated cole slaw and other supplies to us. There's no telling how much they have helped Station 3 over the years. The Cotton Patch is locally owned and operated and goes to great measures to ensure the best food at good value. Surrounded by a historic Civil War battlefield ( the waitresses even dress in period clothing ), they are located in Parkers Crossroads at Interstate 40 and Hwy 22. If you're in the area, drop in for a bite, it's well worth it ! Check them out at :www.bushwacking.com/CottonPatch.htm
Minors Ice Company
Minors Ice Company has been helping Station 3 for more years than anyone cares to recall. Donating ice may not sound like much but over the course of a week at a fair it realy adds up ! We used to pay for our ice but the owner decided on his own to just start donating it to us. They have ice boxes all over West Tennessee; when you purchase Minors Ice you help those that help us. We really do appreciate it and encourage you to patronize his other businesses : Minors Wrecker Service on North Broad Street in Lexington. Professional, sincere drivers that will take care of you and your vehicle. They are capable of pulling a motorcycle to a fully loaded 18 wheeler. we hope you never need them but if you do they're worth the call.
Minors Market located on North Broad Street in Lexington. Stop in for a hot plate luch, a sandwich, a Coke or your favorite carbonated adult beverage. The staff is very friendly and helpful and they're located just a couple minutes from Beech Lake Campgrounds.
A sincere "Thank You" to all from Station 3 !