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Some Station 3 pics
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" Sweetheart "

MVA on I-40

Other side

Big and Bad. Check out our apparatus pages !

We need YOU at Station 3 !

Another I-40 MVA

This was once a vehicle

This ambulance was carrying a patient when it caught fire

District 3 and 304, Exec Officer working at the Henderson County Free Fair 2001

In Station 3's kitchen at the fair : District 3, Firefighter P.J., Firefighter Steve.

Master of Barbeque 304 getting things fired up at the fair.

Little Blake- Rookie Junior FF, Big Blake- Rookie Junior FF, P.J., District 3.

On 14Sept01, Station 3 held a humble memorial for the Nation and those lost in FDNY.

During the memorial, the Fire Service and VFW were represented as well as a silent prayer.

Henderson County Rescue, Sheriff's Dept, Lexington Police and VFW were present during the heartfelt ceremony.

We will never, ever forget. That's a promise.

Thanks to Jeff Hobrath,

Rodney helping at the fair. THANKS DUDE !

Pride of Henderson County : " Rookie " , FF Shane, Exec. Officer Jerry, Asst Chief Tim, FF Steven, Lt Jeff. Chief Mark on top.

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